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Since Sarah has helped me with my nutrition, I’ve learnt so much. The main thing being that I don’t need to starve or restrict myself to lose weight. She’s always at the end of the line for any help or questions. 
I also attend Sarah’s Pilate classes which I love. 
I can’t thank her enough

~ Rachel


For around 3 years I’ve been consciously eating as healthy as possible and exercising regularly, although I have become fitter my weight has yo yoed up and down.  I have become stuck at a certain weight that never seemed to shift.  I lead a very busy lifestyle and have constantly struggled with feeling tired, bloated and eating on the go. After speaking to Sarah about my struggle and how I felt she suggested I try a nutritional plan devised by her, I’m not a fan of fad diets and believe you should just eat healthy, exercise and eat in a way you should be able to maintain as a lifestyle not a short term diet.  After one week I’d lost 4 pounds and continued to lose something every week.  After 6 weeks I’ve lost 12 pounds so nearly a stone.  It’s the most I’ve lost at a regular pace in years.  Something has just clicked for me and the plan fits into my lifestyle perfectly, if im going for dinner I just email Sarah and she helps me pick the best option

~ Becky 


Over the last few months I have been extremely lucky to have such a knowledgeable nutritionist guide and support me. 

Sarah has taught me that to loose weight and maintain it I had to eat for me that was sometimes difficult to understand as I always thought filling myself on coffee and just a few snacks of fruit or nuts the weight would drop off. However completing the required paperwork Sarah sent me, I was given my calories for my weight and yes I was able to eat and became so much happier and fuller. By doing this the weight came off in a healthy manner and has stayed off. I have evidence in this in my pictures! 

Sarah is always there for guidance there was days when I ate rubbish due to possible mood etc however by discussing it with Sarah and making slight changes or balancing out my food for the rest of the day/week made me feel ok and not want to go into starving myself for the next day or later on that day. 

Sarah knows a lot about food and the nutritional value and can provide real simple quick food tips meals always helpful if going out for meals if i ever asked for advise prior to lunch or dinner out even when I’ve been out for dinner sending a quick message to Sarah just to guide me and always a quick response and never judged if I wanted to have a glass of wine or a pudding etc. I cannot express how positive my mind set is now regarding eating thanks to Sarah’s knowledge and 100% support. 


Sarah is so supportive and so knowledgeable kind and caring and never judges you if you have a bad day as I call it with food. This is someone who has helped me loose weight the healthy way and maintain my weight lost



Prior to having my daughter, I thought I knew about nutrition but Sarah has taught me so much since she has been working with me; and not just about nutrition, but about myself as well. I have always placed a huge emphasis on exercise to lose weight but Sarah has taught me to listen to my body and as long as my nutrition is good I can still lose weight. It took me a long time to believe her, but she is absolutely right. I have struggled to prioritise exercise since having my baby but with Sarah’s support, patience and guidance I have lost weight and am getting back to my old self.  Sarah is always there to answer questions, provide meal tips when out eating and offer guidance when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Without Sarah I do not believe I’d have come this far and I certainly wouldn’t have the balanced outlook on food and exercise that I do now. I know I’d have placed an enormous pressure on myself to exercise as much as possible and this would have made me unhappy. Sarah is always supportive about having a positive and calm mindset to nutrition and life as well, and I’ve really benefited from this approach since having my baby. Thank you so much, Sarah

~ Lauren




Love love love this Pilates class! Highly recommend it! After 2 kiddies and plenty of netball injuries - this class is helping me with my recovery and pelvic floor! This class has made me feel stronger and fitter!

~ Kate 

What a great class, it really has helped with my back problems. Always good fun and Sarah's a great instructor.~ Nicola 

I have been going to Pilates for a couple of months now and have noticed such a difference in my core strength - something I lost completely after pregnancy and an emergency C-section. Through Pilates and Sarah’s continued advice on exercise and nutrition, I have seen a huge change in my body shape and weight already and feel positive about reaching my goal of losing my baby weight and fitting into a wedding dress. Sarah is so knowledgeable in post-natal exercise and I have trusted her 100% in her guidance on my return to exercise and introduction to pilates. If you’re trying to recover from pregnancy and get your body back safely then this girl is the one to go for. No question is silly and Sarah has totally understood and advised on all hormonal issues as well as exercise and nutrition. I love Sarah’s classes and no matter what state of mind I’m in, sometimes after a night of little sleep, I always leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day ahead that my baby has planned for me!

~ Lauren 

Absolutely love this class, I can really feel myself improving with each week, my core strength is getting better and it's massively helping me with a RSI shoulder injury I have, as well as just getting that one hour a week to think about nothing else but what I'm doing, always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed! And to top it off Sarah's been helping me with my nutrition, and I've honestly never felt better, years of yoyo dieting, denying myself of this and that, and suffering with painful bloating, sluggishness and lack of energy, we've worked out what's right for me, I'm never left feeling hungry, my energy levels are better as well as my skin and hair and body being in the best state it's ever been, would recommend this girl, over and over again for health and fitness advice and the best support network around!~ Becky

This class has massively helped with my flexibility for football, the class is good and for all abilities. Would definitely recommend

~ Ricky 

Sarah has truly been my savior. I suffer with disc problems, fibromyalgia & pain since an accident 24mths ago & struggle with my mobility. My consultant recommended Pilates and last August a friend told me about Sarah.  Since joining her class my core strength is improving I take less pain medication and generally feel more positive about my condition. I can't recommend her classes more they are suitable for all abilities as Sarah breaks down each move into various levels to accommodate everyone's individual ailments. I am so glad I found Sarah's Pilates class



I've only been going a couple of weeks but I feel comfortable and relaxed as there is range of ages and abilities so you work at your own pace with expert instruction. A gentle but very effective class , would highly recommend ~ Debbie 

Love love love this Pilates class! Highly recommend it! After 2 kiddies and plenty of netball injuries - this class is helping me with my recovery and pelvic floor! This class has made me feel stronger and fitter! ~ Kate

What a great class, it really has helped with my back problems. Always good fun and Sarah's a great instructor

~ Nicola 

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