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In order to lose weight an keep the weight off, you need to follow something that you can stick to.  There is no point in curbing our carbs for 3 months, losing weight then going back to eating normal and piling it back on.  Creating a lifestyle you can enjoy will ensure you will be able to maintain your weight loss forever.

Achieve your ideal weight and body shape through a non-restrictive, unlimited, abundant lifestyle.

Improve digestion, skin and overall health (both mental and physical).

Stop the yo yo diets, diet pills, meal replacement, gimmicky diets that just don't work.

Understand your bodies energy/fuel needs - learn intuitive eating.

Form a normal, loving relationship with food again.


Extra benefits

Facebook support group 

Goal setting 

Unlimited email support

One off Nutrition Program

Ideal for someone who just needs a point in the right direction and the tools to get started with their goals.

(Can be done in person or via email/phone)

£75 one off fee, £15 follow up if needed/wanted  - CONTACT SARAH FOR MORE INFORMATION

One to one coaching 

3 months 

Suitable for anyone looking to get holiday ready or maybe you have an important event coming up.  Perhaps you struggle with motivation and just need a short time to get kick started on your journey of reaching your goals.

£65 per month (must see out the 3 months) - CONTACT SARAH FOR MORE INFORMATION

6 months 

Suitable for someone that needs constant accountability, ideal for people who have got their wedding coming up or new mums.  Trained in post natal nutrition I will be able to give you the tools to ensure you are eating enough if breastfeeding and to help balance out the hormones. 

£55 per month (must see out the 6 months) - CONTACT SARAH FOR MORE INFORMATION

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Veggie Breakfasts Ebook


7 day Vegan Meal Plan Ebook



You will receive your ebook & plan by email

within 24hrs

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An introduction to going vegetarian/vegan COMING SOON

That Veggie Life Recipe Book – COMING SOON 

Free Vegmas Ebook- Download now



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£7.50 + £2.99 Postage

Planners will be posted one a week.

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£7.50 +

collect from Sarah

contact for details

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