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Sometimes you meet people who change your life for the better

- these people are called Pilates teachers

Sarah Piercy truly believes that Pilates is the most amazing form of exercise, no matter what age, size or fitness level.  Sarah runs classes with such a range of people attending; new mums, people with back conditions, Pilates literally is for everyone. 

It can have such a positive effect on your life I really believe everyone should incorporate it into their lives at least once a week. 

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Tuesday Class

19.15pm - 20.00pm




Since Sarah has helped me with my nutrition, I’ve learnt so much. The main thing being that I don’t need to starve or restrict myself to lose weight. She’s always at the end of the line for any help or questions.  I also attend Sarah’s Pilate classes which I love. 
I can’t thank her enough~ Rachel

PLEASE GET IN TOUCH \\ Tel: 07815 538 608


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